Mental Wellness: But First, Lemme Take a Selfie

How many of you have posted a selfie? Raise those arms up nice and high…keep em up…ok so the majority of us have. Having a fab body image day? Take a selfie! Love your outfit/hair/makeup/etc? Take a selfie! Right?

Well, maybe not…a recent study linked selfies to narcissism, addiction, and mental illness. So does it really pay off to take a selfie? The obsession these days of getting the perfect picture and picking apart one’s appearance when selecting the perfect picture is getting out of control. This article introduces a young guy who took selfies to the extreme and would spend hours upon hours taking hundreds of pictures just to find the right one.

Now, I cannot be the only one here thinking…what? These are selfies that we are talking about. Selfies. How is this happening? It’s weird research to me, but I can definitely see the value in this research. It’s a quick read if you are interested and bonus, their sources are linked (hoooray!) so if you want to get even more info on this research, you can.


2 thoughts on “Mental Wellness: But First, Lemme Take a Selfie

  1. I can see how there could be a link between the two. That’s obviously not to say that everyone who takes a selfie struggles with addiction, narcissism, or mental disorders. With the technology we have today, it’s so easy to take a pic and discard it and try for another one. That makes sense and honestly, why wouldn’t we want to take a good picture when we don’t have to wait for the film to develop and then find out our pictures look horrible. It’s easy to take a hundred pictures, and in some ways it makes sense to take the best one you can when you have the technology that lets you so easily do that. Of course, some take it too far, and it’s sad. But to link everyone who takes a selfie to these conditions also makes no sense to me. Really interesting article though 🙂

    • Well, all research should be read w/ grain of salt as it can never ever be scientifically proven due to the fact humans are all different and you can never predict human behavior.

      Touching on your comment about picking out the best picture of yourself, that’s what this about. Why do we need to take a hundred pictures to find the one that we look perfect in? Why is it so necessary that we need to look perfect in these pictures? This isn’t a new phenomena, there has always been people who have an obsession with how they look in pictures or just their appearance in general. Again, not everyone that snaps selfies is a narcissist or has a mental disorder and not all those that have narcissism snap selfies. I follow some people on blogs/social media who I don’t think (I’m not a licensed psychologist nor have I studied narcissism at a diagnosable level) are narcissistic but they are their brand. Their lives are their livelihood so they snap selfies and throw them on instagram or blog about it or whatnot.

      Thank you for your comments and engaging in discussion! I’m of the thought pool that there is never a right answer and so thoughtful discussion always excites me. I apologize for the delay on my response – I was out this past week on vacation.

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