Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 4 Recap

Sunday:  6 mile run (8:46 pace) – Eric and I went to Michigan for vacation this week so for this run, he got on a bike and led me through his hometown. Running in Michigan was gorgeous and the humidity and heat was actually bearable. It was one of my most enjoyable runs!

Monday:  walking around – Eric took me around to his undergrad and other places

Tuesday:  4 hours of walking at a flea market

Wednesday:  5 hours at the beach walking and playing plus 1 hour swimming/playing in the hotel pool.

Thursday:  nothing that I can remember

Friday:  short bike ride

Saturday:  12 hours in a car driving back to Kansas

My crazy month of traveling is officially over so hopefully no more odd weeks like this with random workouts. Since I was on vacation, I really didn’t push working out too much sans getting my long run in. This week was more about spending time w/ Eric and his family and getting to experience his hometown/state.

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