Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Recap Week 3

Sunday:  Long run – 5 miles at an 8:44 pace. I woke up at 6 am to run and there was a major storm rolling through, so I waited until 7 am and stuck to running loops around my apartment (1.25 mile) in case the storm got nasty.

Monday:  Arms (shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep extensions), speed work (400 m warm up, 12 x 100 sprint, 100 jog, 400 cool down)

Tuesday:  60 minutes of tennis

Wednesday:  Ab circuits (shot guns, leg raises, side drop, kettle swings, bicycles, Russian Twists)

Thursday:  Run club – 3.5 miles

Friday:  Bench press (PR 95 lbs!), Lunges (pulled hamstring on last set – 12×45, 10×55, 1×65)

Saturday:  Sat in a car ALL DAY b/c E and I are in Michigan on vacation!

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