Mental Wellness: The Block.

I’m coming down with a big case of the blocks, both writers and physical.

With writers blocks, I’m finding that I am struggling with writing posts and getting new and interesting material. It could be because I just haven’t had the same amount of time this week to put into researching and writing posts as I usually do…or I could just be hitting the inevitable block that all writers find themselves in.

With physical, I’m really struggling in the pool. Ever since I got sick a few weeks ago, I have just been struggling in the pool. I have kept up my lifting so it isn’t that I have lost strength but every time I get in the pool and swim a few lengths my entire body is just fatigued. And it’s frustrating that I am losing so much progress with swimming. It feels like as soon as I hit a goal or make some progress, something happens and I regress back further than I was before. It’s just so frustrating. I get in the pool and 15 minutes later I’m out and feeling defeated.

I’m coming down with a case of the blocks and I’m less than thrilled.

How do you deal with the blocks?

One thought on “Mental Wellness: The Block.

  1. HI! I have a great remedy that I learned in a writing class. Sit at your computer and just start typing. You can give yourself a goal-if you like- let’s say, 100 words-no more. Whatever comes to mind just let it flow. Sometimes the results will be disorganized thoughts – sometimes you will find a great paragraph for a story. Either way the method is used to clear your mind and free up creativity.

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