Intellectual Wellness: The Battle of Reality.

Last night I was trying to hamburgers hot dogs hustle my buns up after my shower so I could watch the Voice (my guilty pleasure show) and I caught the tail end of Biggest Loser. Having been in a health/wellness community on my personal blog for so long, I had heard everyone’s gripes and groans about the biggest loser, but had never really watched it myself. And I’ll be honest that they only time that I have ever watched it is when it is one right before a show that I actually want to watch. I just can’t bring myself to watch it.

But Vanessa, I distinctly remember you LOVING Extreme Weight Loss…why won’t you watch Biggest Loser? You may be asking yourself. Well…I like Extreme Weight Loss because, to me, it isn’t some reality show competition where if you don’t lose the most weight you get kicked off and that’s it. I like it because it is one person (or connected group) and they are concentrating on them and pushing them but also being conscientious of obstacles that come up. I like it because even though there are weigh-ins, at the end of the day the pounds don’t seem to matter as much as the journey and creating a life change. I like it because it never feels like the people are being bullied. I prefer Extreme Weight Loss because I think it is a more accurate show and has more positive results.

Not all weight loss shows are created equal. Not all weight loss journeys are created equal. Certain shows and stories appeal to me more based off of my personal beliefs and struggles. I know some people love and respond well to Biggest Loser. But I will always value and think that lifestyle changes are better than just dropping weight.

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