Intellectual Wellness: Life Lessons in Dwell?

Yup! You read right! The other night I was reading Dwell and the editor’s note really struck a chord with me. This month’s issue is all about how people have made these small, tiny houses work for them and fill them with only the necessities. And because I’m nowhere near the writer that Amanda Dameron is, I wanted to share the section that I loved.

Modern design is about making informed decisions based on an appreciation for materials and methodology-it’s not about replicating a “look” and it’s certainly not a style that’s dictated by furniture and fixtures. It’s about choice. Choose to incorporate good design into your home, and every home you have will be as big as you need it to be.” (Editor’s Note, Dwell, November 2013)

I feel like Dameron is definitely speaking to more than just your house and furniture. Because if you think about your life using this same theory, you can see the direct implications. You aren’t looking to replicate a certain person, but build your unique self. And by incorporating good elements, you can make yourself the best version of you. Perhaps it’s just me being overly analytical, but for some reason after I read this I was just like, “Damn, that’s good stuff!”

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