Overall Wellness: Perspective.

Like the majority of your facebook/twitter/blog feeds today, I too am going to reflect on 9/11. But mainly because I’m in need of some cold hard perspective. Last night das boy basically discovered that he is dating “Bad Luck Brian”

Because honestly, the past few weeks have been that for me. I escape one disaster only to find myself in another disaster. It’s really been just one thing after the other after the other and I am just waiting for a break in the storm. But as I was wallowing this morning, I remembered what day it was and I remembered that even though I am going through what can really only be described as a complete shit storm of life, it could be worse. I’m healthy. I have a support system. I have things that make me happy. It could be a lot worse than it is. I live in a country that I am allowed certain freedoms that other countries don’t have. I live somewhere where I may be scared of frat boys but I’m not terrified to walk down the street to see das boy. I live in safety. My basic needs are always met. And that’s not something that everyone has. And that is really when it hit me. I need some perspective on my life and the situations I am in. Because as much as I want to wallow and be upset that there is so much going wrong with my life, there is so much going right as well. And even the things that are going wrong aren’t the end of the world. They are manageable. Fixable.

And the bottom line, I’m here. I’m alive. 12 years ago our country was attacked. I was in 8th grade checking a girl’s spelling paper during 2nd period when they turned the TVs on. It wasn’t really until 4th period that I understood what was happening. Honestly, I still don’t understand it. But the bottom line is that even through all the shit I’m going through, I’m still lucky to be around going through it.

And that is something to be thankful for.


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