Mental Wellness: Just Shut Up.

The calmness that an intense workout gives me is insane. And awesome. I had a bad day yesterday. And a bad day is pretty much an understatement because right now in my life, it feels like it is just raining bad news. Lucky for me, yesterday was also a swim day. Swimming is quickly becoming my favorite workout over running (don’t ask me how) and it isn’t because I’m good at swimming (I’m actually pretty bad at it) but it is mostly because I have to shut my brain up to concentrate on swimming. So I have to push everything out of my mind and just concentrate on swimming to get through my workout. Which is exactly what I needed yesterday. The last thing I needed to do was to fixate on all the bad that was happening. I just needed to concentrate on one thing and that was not drowning during my swim workout.

Sometimes I love that I’m an analytical person. I love that I have the ability to view a situation from multiple dimensions. But sometimes…sometimes it really hinders me in being able to push past something and put something on the back burner. And when I have days like I had yesterday, it is really important that I find something else to concentrate on and analyze besides what’s going on, even if it is only for an hour. For me, to keep my mental wellness in check, I need to have different activities that I know I have to put all my concentration into that activity and block out anything else that might be going on during the day.

What are some of your favorite ways to just shut your brain up? How do you cope with a bad day or a string of bad days?

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