Mental Wellness: Yes, Another Mental Wellness Post.

At the beginning of September, I was in our marketing department’s work area and I noticed on their marker board they had written “Embrace the Chaos”. And I immediately was like, wow, that is a really good mindset to have, especially given our field. And then I read THIS post by Sarah (aka runfargirl) detailing how she was embracing the hills, not only in her running but also in her life.

I wrote yesterday that I have been having a rough couple of weeks and I just keep getting hits. I keep thinking about these two different people and their mindset of embracing the rough patches and working through them instead of just falling victim to the situation. Now, for me, I know that I need to have some time to wallow and be sad and angry and cry about something. But I also know that I need to set a respectable amount of time to do so and then I need to get it back together. For me, part of embracing the hard times is knowing how to cope with the hard times and knowing that it is ok to be sad. It reminds me of something Shawn Johnson (I’m from Iowa, I can’t help but be her fan!) said a few years ago in regards to gymnastics. She said something about when you stop getting nervous or scared about competing it means you should probably stop because you don’t care anymore (super paraphrased). I sort of apply that to me. When something bad/stressful happens to me and it doesn’t phase me…well…it probably means I didn’t really care that much about it.

But there is also a limit to how much wallowing you can do. There is a time to wallow and a time to get up, brush yourself up, and keep trucking up those hills. Keep fighting. Keep moving forward. Keep on keeping on!

I had my time to wallow. And now it is time to forge ahead and onwards and upwards from the hill.

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