Occupational Wellness: Vanessa, Why Do You Hate “One-Size Fits All?”

Oh, well thank you for asking! I FINALLY got around to reading Gallup’s newsletter for the past month and usually I just pick one article out that I found interesting and write my thoughts on it. But this time, there were a couple of article that REALLY (overuse the caps lock much?) found a few articles interesting pretty much just because they were all saying the same thing…one-size fits all doesn’t fit all. In fact, it rarely fits any. (Full disclose, the theme was really engagement…but I wanted to dig further into the articles and see if I could find something else.)

I have written previously about how the inner consultant in me loves when I watch Extreme Weightloss and they customize their workout and weightloss plans specifically for their clients. We learned the same concept in grad school when consulting. Take the tools/knowledge that you have and figure out what the client/organization needs and customize the solution. You don’t have to start from page one every time you consult, you have, as someone I went to grad school with said, the tools in your tool belt. You just need to figure out how to use them.

So what does all of this consulting blah blah blah and the Gallup article have to do with wellness? The same concepts can be applied to your own personal life. Whether it is for how you make it through the day at work, how you deal with stress, or how you put together your fitness plan. Take the information you know and customize it.

But wait, there’s more (cue Billy Mays?). This sounds easy right? It sounds so simple to just take what you know and apply it your life but it isn’t. Because just like consulting with an organization, bumps in the road happen. Whether those bumps are because of the solution or because of lack of investment, you have to be prepared to deal with the bumps in the road. You have to be able to adapt and make changes. That’s one of the reasons why I’m a little obsessed with doing monthly goals/check-ins…just to see how things are working out for me. It’s why when I consult, I like to have small, frequent check-in to make sure how I’m proceeding with the project.

What are your thoughts on “one-size fits all”?

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