Financial Wellness: Coupon Check-In

Back in July (July 15th to be exact) I wrote that I was going to experiment with coupons and determine if they are really worth it. So for a couple of weeks, I bought Sunday newspapers and clipped away while also going on to Kroger’s website and “clipping” coupons to go straight onto my Kroger card. I’ve given it a good solid 6 weeks or so and I’m back to report that….

The only coupons I used were the ones I “clipped” from Kroger’s website. I would occasionally use actual coupons but for the most part, I forgot about them, lost them, or just didn’t feel like going through my coupons to find the right one. I made sure that the coupons I was clipping were of things that  I thought I would actually use…turns out there are TONS of makeup coupons (makes a mental note so the next time I need to buy some kind of makeup I check for coupons) same with hair care. But I had a hard time finding coupons for things that I eat.

I will say though that I loved using the “clipped” coupons from Kroger’s website. I just had to remember what coupons I had clipped (but I’m pretty sure you can figure that out using their app…). It reminded me a lot of when I lived in Kentucky and would shop at Meijer and they had mPerks where you could just enter your phone number which was tied to your account and your online coupons would go through. I definitely feel that online coupons that you can load onto your store loyalty card/account are the best way to go. You don’t have to deal with cutting coupons or even buying a paper for the coupons. You can just look on the store’s website (except I don’t think Hyvee has anything…you can download coupons from Hyvee’s website but I don’t think you can load them onto a loyalty card…).

Do you use coupons? What is your favorite way to use coupons? Do you use any of the online coupon databases that you can just print coupons off of? Share your tips!

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