Overall Wellness: What Can You Accomplish in a Year?

I am admittedly completely obsessed with Extreme Weight Loss. I find myself constantly being inspired every Tuesday night by these individuals. I really enjoy Chris Powell‘s approach to this and how he really does customize his personal training to each person.

This week was the episode with Jami. And I just cannot believe how inspired I feel after watching her episode. One of the things that she really struggled with was living too much in the future and not enough in the now. (Remember my blog post a few weeks back about this?) She also seemed to have struggled a lot with just overall feelings that she was a failure and she was letting people down all the time (feelings that I can relate with). By the end of it, she had become such a strong person, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too. And she said something in her final weigh about how she never imagined that this change could have happened in a year.

And naturally, that got me to thinking, what can you change in a year? What can you start doing today to help you work towards those long term goals? Can you set a long term goal for yourself that you can work towards? Like Chris (and the inner consultant in me), I think it is really beneficial to set a long term goal but also short term goals that will help you get to that long term goal. Setting short term goals in conjunction with a long term goal will help keep you motivated and see the big picture because you are accomplishing something. And you don’t have to wait a year to have that feeling. They are also good because much like Jami’s episode last night, you can figure out if what you are doing is working or not. Chris learned by Jami’s 90 day weigh in that he couldn’t set weight loss goals for Jami. He needed to adjust his way of measuring progress with her and flipped into measuring fitness strength (which I LOVE! A great way of re-framing and focusing on the positive-instead of what you have lost, what you have gained).

Tomorrow I will do a post on setting SMART goals, but today, I want you to think broadly about a few long term goals that you may have. And think about, what can YOU accomplish in just one year?

2 thoughts on “Overall Wellness: What Can You Accomplish in a Year?

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