Occupational Wellness: The Sick Day

Whoa. Blog post from me? I made a decision to keep my domain even through I hadn’t blogged in a long time because I had a feeling this day would come.

Also, spoiler alert – this blog is probably going to turn very heavily into posting on occupational wellness type thangs because to be quite frank, it’s what I love.

What spurred me on this morning was reading this story in the Daily Skimm about how  80 students from Boston College are sick after a Chipotle employee came to work ill.

Now this is something that I also really struggle with – taking the sick day. On one hand, I’m all for it – take the sick day, get yourself better, don’t spread your illness to co-workers and others.

But on the other hand…the judgment that comes from taking a sick day…and are you really sick enough to take a sick day? Have you taken too many sick days? Can’t you just push through it?

But if you get sick days as part of your benefits…why not use them? Why is it a badge of honor to rack up all your sick days and have more sick days than others? But what if something major happens and then you start to regret taking that sick day when you were feeling under the weather?

I have no answers here. Only thoughts and questions. I don’t understand the negative stigma that comes from taking a sick day. Is it a point of pride to say you came to work and worked through the flu? Or hooked up to an IV and you still worked? Is work really that important that nothing will stop you from working? Is that actually a bad thing though? Because you are so dedicated to your job or you found something you love so much that nothing will stop you from doing your job?

So many questions and thoughts.

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