Physical Wellness: Garmin Vivofit Review

It’s been awhile. Between being busy and just being unmotivated to blog, this blog has taken a backseat to my life. I don’t know what regular blogging schedule I will be on, but here is a post.

For my birthday, I received a gift card and with it, I purchased a Garmin Vivofit (the original one). I’ve had for about 3 weeks now and wanted to provide a review of it.


I do love that it keeps me motivated to be active. I will sometimes get home and just want to sit down (remember, I have a standing desk so pretty much from 5 am – 7 pm I am standing M-F) and relax. But then I will look down and see that I have 3000 more steps to hit my goal for the day and realize that it’s only a little more than a mile and I could just go and do a really quick run or go for a walk and get my steps in for the day.

I love that it tracks your sleep. Not that I can’t tell you on my own when I didn’t get a good night of sleep, but I really enjoy seeing the data from that

I love seeing the data and how many steps I actually accumulate throughout the day. Like I mentioned above, I have a standing desk. Beyond that, 3 days a week I walk to work and most days I walk for 30 minutes with a friend at work.


It only tracks if you move your arm while walking. So while I’m at my desk taking a few steps or whatnot, it never tracks because my hands are up at my shelf/desk on my keyboard. Or if I am carrying stuff with my left hand and not moving it enough, the step don’t count. On the flip side of that, when I’m washing my dishes and moving my hands around, steps are being counted even though they aren’t really being taken. I figure they probably even out with the steps that I have taken versus the steps that I haven’t taken but annoying.

I definitely feel guilty when I don’t hit my number. And that irritates me that I feel guilty. There have been a couple of nights where I have stayed up and just paced in my apartment to finish getting my steps. It also annoys me that I’m so fixated on getting these steps.

It sometimes takes forever to sync and when it does sync, it doesn’t sync correctly.


I really enjoy my Garmin Vivofit. I also really want to give a shout out to Garmin’s social media team because they have always responded to my tweets and seem to be very active and involved with their customers. Which I think is great. For me, the pros out weigh the cons and I’m enjoying having goals set by something other than my insane brain which seems to think that I should be running 10 miles every weekend even though the longest run I have done all year long was a 6 mile run at the beginning of March…

Do you have any of these step trackers? How do you like them? How do you utilize them?

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