Intellectual Wellness: What Happened to Research?

Perhaps it is only because this is my blog that I realize I haven’t done any reviews or sharing of wellness news articles lately, but honestly it is because this time of year irritates me. No, I’m not a holiday hater. I actually love the holidays. But I hate that everyone seems to be fixated on weight and weightloss or maintaining weight or calories…ug. It always irritates me. I hate going to my wellness news sites and just seeing article after article about weight. That’s not wellness. Yes, it is a part of wellness, but come on…there is so much more to wellness than weight! Why can’t there be a money saving article for financial wellness? Or how to spend time with people while also being active for physical wellness? Or any environmental wellness tips during this season when people are typically out driving a lot…there is just so much more to write on for wellness then weight.

So this holiday season, regardless of your beliefs or joy or celebration methods, do me a favor…don’t fixate on the weight portion as much. Also, here are a few of my favorite tips for making it through the holiday season with your hair…(b/c I usually want to rip my hair out when I get stressed).

1.) Instead of driving around to look at holiday lights, why not walk/run around your neighborhood (or drive to a neighborhood you want to check out and park you vehicle and walk around). This let’s you be active and let’s you look at the lights for even longer. Plus, even when it is cold out, I love warming back up. When you get home have some hot apple cider or hot chocolate (for the adults, spiked hot cocoa is tasty with a mint liquor) and enjoy a hot bowl of soup. If you miss the joy of driving around looking at holiday lights and listening to holiday music, just take you phone/music player of choice! Just make sure that if you are going at night, you wear light colored clothing and bust out some reflective gear and generally be safe!

2.) To help relieve some of the financial stress of the holiday season you could be like my sister and start shopping early. Or you can do what I am doing this year. I have 6 people I need to buy gifts for so I spaced out the buying process over 3 pay periods so my bank account doesn’t take as big of a hit for Christmas presents then if I would buy all 6 at the same time. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is ok to say no and it is ok to not reciprocate a gift (obviously say thank you and express your gratitude) but if someone gets you a gift that you weren’t expecting…it’s ok to be grateful but you don’t have to reciprocate it. Also, with people you are giving gifts to, agree upon a spending limit. And then stick to the agreed spending limit.

3.) Car pool! My sister and I do this to help save on gas and wear and tear on our vehicles. One of us drives for Thanksgiving and the other one drives for Christmas (it works since we live about 45 minutes away from each other…and she is on my way home so we always meet where she lives). But also for holiday parties that might be happening, car pooling is a great way to meet some environmental wellness needs and it also helps with the stress of finding a parking spot and all that.

4.) Enjoy the holidays. It is really easy to get caught up in the stress of the holidays, but try to just enjoy it.

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