Social Wellness: Have Some Common Decency.

I’m not really sure what spurred this post more. The angry hate that I read online after the USA announced their world’s team, the angry hate that I read about the Miss America pageant. The angry hate that I read about everyday from people sitting behind their computers thinking that because they are behind their computer they can throw away the golden rule and can say whatever they want without having any ramifications. Or an accumulation of it all. I grew up in a different era. I grew up in an era where computers will still a rising trend and when the internet made a funny “dialing” sound. I didn’t grow up having my identity protected by my computer. When I said something nasty about another girl I went to school with, I had to deal with the consequences. Which usually meant me having to apologize, face to face, and getting an angry lecture from my mom.

But I see more and more everyday just how horrible people can be when their identity is hidden behind a username and location is unknown. They can say whatever they wish. They can rip apart your looks, your brain, your personality, your family, your friends, your life. And never face any consequences because of it. Perhaps it is because I read the message boards on the “gymnternet” which tears piece by piece every gymnast from every country apart. From the leotards that they wear to their body to that one look (and no I am not just talking about McKayla Maroney) that they made for one second that just happened to get captured and now is everywhere on the internet.

Another reason that spurred this post is all the complete disrespect and hate that the new Miss America is getting for being Indian. While I do not agree with her winning (not because of her race, but because I hate how the answer section is scored-you get more points for dancing around the question and being a politician than you do for having an actual opinion and values and sticking to it. Case in point Minnesota obviously values marriage and believe that if you  get married, you stay married so when asked her question, instead of dancing around the question and being political about it, she answered with her opinion. She got 4th runner up. Other contestants, like California that sort of answered the questions but not really, placed higher. THAT’S my issue with Miss America.) I do not condone the hate that this woman has received just based on her race. There are very few things in life that will spur me to take the energy to actually argue with someone and immigration is one of those things. I am a first gen kid right here. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at me because my family is from Germany, but I am a first gen. I watched as my mom struggled with the English language and I was in the courtroom when she became a US citizen. So when people want to get on their high horses about “if you can’t speak English or you’re not American get the F*@% out of our country,” I tend to get a little feisty. Anyway, where was I? Oh right, quit hiding behind your keyboard and hating on people!

Is it time that we start teaching the internet how to have some common decency? Or is it time that we start teaching ourselves to have a thicker skin?

Regardless, I’m definitely

with how people have forgotten how to treat others.

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