Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Planning

Today I spent the day carefully planning out what my marathon training will look like. My official training will start on June 1 (my marathon is not until October 19 so this gives me plenty of time to train). Right now it looks like I will be doing my long runs on Sunday mornings (my race is on a Sunday morning) and a some speed work along with cross training in the form of yoga, lifting, swimming, and playing tennis. While some people concentrate a lot of their efforts on running, I will try to put a little more concentration in endurance and making sure I don’t burn out (or injure) my body w/ a enormous increase in running. My first long run will be just 3 miles (an easy run for me) and build to 22 miles before my marathon.

I’m still not sure direction that this blog is going to take or how often I am going to post, but I think I will aim for 3-4 days/week of posting.

2 thoughts on “Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Planning

    • That’s amazing! I’m going to try to make a post every Sunday or so going through my week in training! Let me know if you have any questions! This will be my first marathon so I may not be the best to ask!

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