Weekend Bonus Post.

I’m a competitive person. I always have been. I’m competitive in every aspect of my life, from physical to mental to financial to everything else in between. I constantly compare myself to every single person in my quest to be better. Am I smaller? Do I have more money? Am I faster? Am I prettier? Am I more intelligent? Am I happier? 

But I constantly keep having these revelations as I think of my friends and how they are complaining that they don’t have certain things in their life. 

We can’t compare our lives. Because everyone has something that we want and we have something that some else wants. Plus there is no formula for happiness. Having kids won’t necessarily make you happy. Getting married won’t necessarily make you happy. Having a shit ton of money, being skinny, having a high IQ, having a high status job, traveling the world…all of these things won’t necessarily make you a happy person. 

So why do we keep comparing ourselves and our happiness levels to other people? Especially when the majority of people are presenting the best version of themselves to the world and not their true version. Because the fact is that we are not happy all the time. So is it really worthwhile to be so competitive?

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