Overall Wellness: 2014 Goals

Now it’s all good and well to set goals, but it is important to outline how you are going to achieve said goals or to specify more than just a quick sentence (which is easy to remember and glance at daily).

1.) Drink more water. With working out, I should be downing about 70 ounces of water/day. I have a 20 ounce water bottle that I bring to work everyday. So I should be drinking 3 of those plus some.

2.) Focus on form is both for lifting and running. This year I wanted to hit some numbers and PR…but at the same time, in the long run (cheesy pun intended), it is really important to take the time to focus on form. I want to concentrate on form this year. The entire year. The year of form.

3.) Budget. Now I have mentioned that I set up a spreadsheet to track expenses and I am going to use this as my baseline for having actual, real numbers to base my budget off of. I will be tracking every penny that leaves my possession. The plan is that every month with have a new sheet in my excel document and then I will have an overall document at the end of the year.

4.) Read more. I used to be an avid, avid reader. I used to get myself grounded so I could read without interruption. In college and grad school, I began  to resent reading and stopped free reading all together. Prior to college, setting a goal to read 52 book in a year would be easy. But for now I’m going to set a goal to read 12 books this year for fun. And I need to keep up on wellness research to keep this blog relevant and to make sure it has substance to it.

5.) I really hate not knowing what is going on in the world, not just the States. I have gotten into a pretty good habit of reading the Daily Skimm every morning and I sometimes will listen to news podcasts at work. I just want to know what is happening in the world and not be oblivious.

6.) Laugh, love, and accomplish something. This one is a goal that is entirely for me (I mean really all of these are). But no matter what, when I close my eyes to go to bed at night, I want to have laughed at least once, expressed love, and go to bed knowing I accomplished something.

These are the 6 goals that I am going to concentrate on this year. What are your goals/resolutions?

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