Overall Wellness: Where Have I Been?

I took the last week off as my work life got more chaotic. I work for a university and A.) as anyone who works for a university can tell you, the beginning of semesters is crazy and B.) as anyone with a job can tell you, there are always busy crazy hectic times. The nature of what I do combined with working with a university made the past couple weeks incredibly busy. On top of that, I have made some changes to my life and figuring out how the rest of the pieces of my life fit in with these changes has been a process.

One of the biggest changes I have made is doing the majority of my workouts in the morning vs. at night like I have been. My usual posting schedule had me posting in the mornings, but fitting that in along with working out in the morning has posed a bit of a challenge. Until this week really. The other big change that I made is that I finally decided to go ahead and get internet in my place. Say whaaaat? Yup. I have lived without true internet since I moved out to Kansas about 18 months ago. I had a nice Android phone with an unlimited data package when I moved out here so it really wasn’t that big of a deal for me to not have internet. When I moved to my new apartment back in September, within two weeks my phone completely broke down and I had to resort to going back to my old Blackberry which made doing everything online on my phone much harder. So I waited out for my contract to end (end of November) and went to a prepaid phone which dropped my phone bill from $100/month to $40/month. I have always said that I refused to pay more that $100/month for phone and internet. So once i moved to the prepaid plan, I had freed up enough of my budget to go ahead and justify purchasing internet.

So in short, there won’t be too many changes to my blog, I will continue having posts queued up to publish in the morning M-F, but I just needed a week to get everything planned out plus getting my internet set up was also needed.