Mental Wellness: The Power of Now

I was chatting with a friend/co-worker the other day during lunch and per usual running and working out got brought in our conversation. He mentioned a book that he likes to listen to, “The Power of Now” (HERE is the Wikipedia entry that gives a run down about the book). He was telling me that the book advocates for making sure that you are living in the moment and not dwelling on your past or planning for your future. While you can’t always just “live in the moment” (learning from your past and reflecting on that can be useful and planning for your future and setting goals is definitely useful), I can see the allure of taking some time, everyday, and just living for now. He said he would often use this concept when running.

So I challenge you this week to find some time everyday to live for now. Appreciate the moment now and not dwell on the past and plan for the future. I know this is going to be a challenge for me as I seem to spend too much of my time in my past and future but not enough time in my present.