Financial Wellness: Are Coupons REALLY Worth It?

For the past couple of weekends, the boy and I have been watching Netflix shows but because we cannot decide on one show to watch…we go back and forth between watching a show I want to watch and watching a show he wants to watch. I have long loved Extreme Couponing and was excited to see that Season 3 was released on Netflix. So naturally, when it was my turn to watch a show, I made the boy watch it. And he got interested in how these people could save so much money. So he decided the next day to pick up a Sunday paper and see what coupons he could find.

I tried couponing first when I lived in Kentucky. And quickly stopped as it didn’t seem to me to really pay off…I was buying tons of stuff just to use the coupon that I had…even if I didn’t need that item. I learned quickly that couponing won’t save you money if you are just buying something just to use the coupon. Especially if you are just buying food and things for yourself and not for a family or not doing a big trip to donate items. But seeing the boy get excited for couponing may have inspired me to …


…spend a couple bucks to see what coupons were in the paper. I also have been “clipping” coupons onto my Kroger card (but forgetting what coupons I clipped….

The determining factor for me when clipping a coupon was always this, “Is this something that I will actually use?” or “Is this something that I actually have a need for?” Clipping coupons can be a great way to save money. But you have to be smart about it as well. Scantilly Cllad is a blog run by a girl I went to high school with who has some great tips and ideas for finding coupons and how to use coupons. If you are interested in more in depth reading about coupons from an actual person who isn’t an Extreme Couponer, I highly recommend giving her blog a read.

I’ll do an in depth grocery haul when I start to use some of my coupons sometime in August and break down how I used the coupons and how I saved money.

The bottom line, using coupons is a great way to save money. But just make sure that you are clipping coupons and using coupons to actually buy things that you will actually use.