Giveaway! ENERGYBits

A few weeks ago, ENERGYBits contacted me to see if I was interested in receiving a sample of their product. I agreed and offered to do a review of their product on their blog. I had heard good things about EnergyBits so needless to say, I was excited for the opportunity. I received the sample and it took me a week to even try them. I don’t have a sensitive stomach, but I was worried about trying something new on a long run and it not sitting with me well or that if I used the EnergyBits during one of my evening workouts, I would be up all night like I am when I consume caffeine. But Monday evening came around I needed to some serious energy to get me through a grueling speed workout. Since I only ran 7 miles on Sunday, I decided to push and do 6 miles of speed work. By the time I got home from work on Monday, I wanted to crawl into bed and not hit the track. So I decided to try the ENERGYBits and see how they worked.

And wow. I felt great and usually I’m dragging myself off the track. I didn’t feel like I rapidly hit an energy high and I didn’t feel like I crashed after the energy either. I felt steady during my entire track workout. I’m not sure how long the energy lasted because like I said there was clear energy high or low. One thing that I will have to continue to test out is how I sleep after taking the ENERGYBits. This was my first try with them but my sleep was restless. I was also dehydrated. So it could have been that.

Here is basic information about ENERGYBits:  Based in Boston. Protein. Steady energy w/o sugar, caffeine, chemicals, etc. Just one ingredient – 100% organically grown spirulina algae. ENERGYbits are only available at, and Jonathan (their Community Manager) has let me know that he’d be happy to share more info on their sample program – you can email him at BUT in addition to that, he is offering a special giveaway to my readers! Giveaway will be open until August 20!

 All opinions are my own. To enter the giveaway, click the link below! Good luck!

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