Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 13 Recap

Sunday:  15 miles @ 9:35 pace – felt strong and solid throughout the run. My first long run of marathon training where I finally feel confident that I can do this marathon.

Monday:  Arms plus standing on my feet for about 7 hours at an event at work.

Tuesday:  Nothing. My whole body was just swollen after a 15 mile run and then standing on my feet for so long on Monday. My joints hurt so bad. And it wasn’t from the long run it was more just that combination of everything. I was just a mess of pain.

Wednesday:  Legs and Abs

Thursday:  3.5 miles at run club trying out Saucony Kinerva’s (rep was there – I loved these shoes)

Friday:  Arms and Abs

Saturday:  rest day

It’s pretty sad that I didn’t even hit 20 miles this week WITH a 15 mile run in the mix. This week was rough on me. Mentally, emotionally, physically. It was rough at work because students are now back and I worked a huge event Friday and then that event on Monday plus our office was interviewing people all week. All of this combined to just cause a lot of stress that played itself out in my motivation. All I wanted to do this past week was sleep. I barely spent anytime with Eric. I didn’t want to be outside and have to interact with people. I just wanted to hide out in my apartment and not have to talk to anyone. It’s dramatic, I recognize that. But in my (lame) defense, I am highly introverted so a week of having to interact with strangers on high levels has really spent me. I know I can’t afford these types of weeks with my marathon quickly approaching, but this week happened and there is nothing more I can do about it.


Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 12 Recap

Sunday:  14 miles @ 9:36 pace. Felt strong during this run. I was nervous after balking the previous week and not getting the 13 in

Monday:  Arms and then attempted speed work until I realized that schools are back in session so football practice is going on after work. So I have officially moved speed work to Tuesday AM

Tuesday:  I learned that I cannot run on an empty stomach. I got 2 miles of speed work before my growling stomach took me back to my car and back to my apartment for breakfast. I thought I would give the fasting running a shot. I cannot do that. Lesson learned.

Wednesday:  Legs and abs

Thursday:  Defend Lawrence 5k and 30 minutes of yoga

Friday:  I lifted things and put them back down and I don’t really remember what I did.

Saturday:  Becoming a rest day for me. Plus I needed a day of locking myself in my apartment and not speaking to anyone. I worked a huge event for work Friday night and being around that many people for a couple of hours…I just needed to have some silence and not be around people.

I also learned this week that if I ever do a marathon again, I need to make sure that not only do I plan out my long runs but I plan out my miles per week. I can see now that it would have been really useful. I think I will do that for the rest of my training but I definitely wish I would have done that from the start.

Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 11 Recap

Sunday:  I was slated to do 13 miles. I woke up at 5 am to run and it had been pouring all night and it was still just dumping. I made it 7 miles before I called it quits in hopes to spare my feet some unnecessary blistering. No dice, I got home and my whole right sock was bloody. I was (and still am) disappointed that I didn’t suck it up and run the 13 miles, but I also know that running in shoes that are absolutely soaking wet isn’t the best thing. Big picture

Monday:  Arms in the AM, Speed (work) in the PM. I ended up doing 6 miles of speed work (I usually do 4-4.5 miles). I tested out ENERGYbits during this run (which you can read about and enter a giveaway HERE).

Tuesday: I’m not sure what happened this day but I somehow I missed out on actually getting a workout in…I biked to work (did 4/5 days last week) and walked to a meeting…I really have no idea what happened.

Wednesday:  Squats and abs in the AM, tennis in the PM

Thursday:  5 miles with run club which was really cool because we had a photographer following us taking pictures to use for the shop and for the Kansas Half Marathon. So I’m basically famous in Kansas now.

Friday:  Abs and calves

Saturday:  Rest day. I really appreciated this day.

It was a rough start to the week, but there were gems of workouts in the mix. I’m now in uncharted territory with running and training.

Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 10 Recap

Sunday:  12 miles at a 9:16 pace. This was my first running carrying not only hydration with me but also nutrition. It went well. I was really pleased with the run. I was about 1/2 mile away when a huge storm started rolling through. Literally right as I walked in the door to Eric’s, it started pouring outside.

Monday:  Arms/shoulders + speedwork. I tested out a new speed set and I’m not sure how much I liked it. I did my usual base mile of warm up 400, sprint 100 jog 100. Then I tried a new ladder. I did sprint 100, jog 100; sprint 200, jog 200; sprint 300, jog 300; sprint 400, jog 400 and then down the ladder again. And then my usual finish up mile of sprint 100 jog 100 for 1200 and a cool down 400. I racked up 4.5 miles with this workout but it was tough a grueling. The heat, my legs were sore, my body was fatigued….but I got it done.

Tuesday:  60 minutes of tennis

Wednesday:  ab/core work; legs

Thursday:  5-6 miles with run club (didn’t track)

Friday:  ab/core work

Saturday:  rest. Second Saturday in a row taking a rest day. Now that I’m getting further into my marathon training, I am seeing the value and need of a true rest day. Unfortunately for me (spoiler alert for next week), this rest day didn’t yield great results.

Overall, my body was beat up this week so the workouts were a bit “lax”.

Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 9 Recap

Sunday:  11 miles at 9:42 pace. This run hurt. I had beat myself up on this run before I even started. The miles did not click by. I looked at my watch and I was 3 miles in, I looked at what felt like 20 minutes later, and I was at 3.25 miles. This went on for the entirety of the run. When I just had 1.23 miles left of the run I had truly beat myself up. I sat on the curb and questioned why I was running this insane distance and why the hell I was going to run 26.2. I got myself back up and finished the run but it was difficult.

Monday:  Bench press (4x45lbs, 8x65lbs, 8x70lbs, 4x75lbs), Bicep curl (4x15lbs, 4x20lbs, 4x20lbs), Tricep Extension (8x25lbs, 8x30lbs, 8x35lbs), Shoulder press (8x15lbs, 4x20lbs, 4x20lbs) Arm Raises (8x 2.5lbs, 8x5lbs, 4x10lbs), Bosu Ball Pushups (10, 10, 10)

Monday Speedwork:  Warm up 400, 12xSprint 100, Jog 100, Sprint Ladders (Sprint 100, Jog 300, Sprint 200, Jog 200, Sprint 300, Jog 100, Sprint 400, Sprint 400, Sprint 300, Jog 100, Sprint 200, Jog 200, Sprint 100, Jog 300), 12xSprint 100, Jog 100, cool down 400. Total 4 miles

Tuesday:  1 hour of tennis

Wednesday:  Squats (4x45lbs, 8x65lbs, 6x85lbs, 4x95lbs), Hanging Leg Raises (22), Incline sit-ups (30), Leg Raises on bench (30), something else that I don’t remember what they are called (30)

Thursday:  4 miles with run club

Friday:  Incline Situps + Russian Twists (10xbody weight, 10x10lbs, 10x25lbs), Leg raises on bench (30), Penguins (10 each side w/ 35lbs – 3 sets), side twists (30x20lbs, 30x25lbs, 30x30lbs), Flutter Kicks on Bench (30)

Saturday:  Rest day

Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 8 Recap

Sunday:  10 miles, 8:46 pace (8:58/8:50/9:23/9:17/8:49/8:38/8:35/8:42/8:38/7:50) this is a run that will go down in my marathon training and life as one of the best runs I’ve ever had. I felt strong throughout the entire run. I felt like I pushed myself every inch but still had enough left in the tank to have an awesome kick at the end. The miles just ticked by. The weather was perfect. It was the most amazing run I have ever had.

Monday:  Arms workout (remembered my notebook, forgot a pen), speed workout (only got 1.5 miles in before the heat just killed me)

Tuesday:  Boom. Back started giving me major problems. I think probably because I tend to sit w/ my leg under me at work but at any rate by the end of the day on Tuesday, I was in major, major pain.

Wednesday: Let’s just say I’m an idiot. Because when you have back pain, do leg workouts is a brilliant idea, right? Pulled both hamstrings.

Thursday:  4-5 painful miles with run club

Friday:  I stuck to bench press. My back was feeling better, but my hamstrings were both still in a lot of pain and I was still walking funny.

Saturday:  60 minutes of tennis in intense humidity. I didn’t go sprinting after all balls and used this workout as just getting out there and being active after having back issues this week and pulling both hamstrings.

It was a painful week of training. And this is where the training gets painful and uncomfortable. I’m starting to get into uncharted territory but what’s really going to be painful is the weather. August in Kansas is hot, hot, hot, and humid, humid, humid. This is where I need to dig deep. Because come October, the heat breaks, the humidity breaks, and training hard in this heat pays off. The times are going to slow down but I need to stop making excuses and keep hitting my training.

Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

Sunday:  9 miles at a 9:19 pace. Oh this run. The last 1.25 miles was in an absolute downpour but it was worth it and awesome. I loved it. I watched the storm roll in and it was amazing. The miles just clicked by. I heard my watch beep and I looked down and I was already 6 miles into the run.

Monday:  Bench press (4×45, 8×55, 6×65, 5×70, 4×75, 3×80), Tricep extensions (8×25, 8×30, 8×35), Bicep curls (8×15, 8×20, 1×25), and Shoulder press (8×15, 8×20, 1×25). Speed workout:  warm up 400, sprint 100 and jog 100 x6, sprint 100, jog 300, sprint 200, jog 200, sprint 300, jog 100, sprint 400, sprint 100 and jog 100 x 6, 400 cool down (total 3 miles)

Tuesday:  60 minutes of tennis

Wednesday:  I don’t have exact number because I forgot my notebook at home but I did squats this day

Thursday:  4 hilly miles (10:12 pace), 5 flat miles (9:16 pace)

Friday:  again, I forgot my notebook at home, but I did some ab/core work and leg work

Saturday:  rest day/walking/shopping for 2 hours