Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 9 Recap

Sunday:  11 miles at 9:42 pace. This run hurt. I had beat myself up on this run before I even started. The miles did not click by. I looked at my watch and I was 3 miles in, I looked at what felt like 20 minutes later, and I was at 3.25 miles. This went on for the entirety of the run. When I just had 1.23 miles left of the run I had truly beat myself up. I sat on the curb and questioned why I was running this insane distance and why the hell I was going to run 26.2. I got myself back up and finished the run but it was difficult.

Monday:  Bench press (4x45lbs, 8x65lbs, 8x70lbs, 4x75lbs), Bicep curl (4x15lbs, 4x20lbs, 4x20lbs), Tricep Extension (8x25lbs, 8x30lbs, 8x35lbs), Shoulder press (8x15lbs, 4x20lbs, 4x20lbs) Arm Raises (8x 2.5lbs, 8x5lbs, 4x10lbs), Bosu Ball Pushups (10, 10, 10)

Monday Speedwork:  Warm up 400, 12xSprint 100, Jog 100, Sprint Ladders (Sprint 100, Jog 300, Sprint 200, Jog 200, Sprint 300, Jog 100, Sprint 400, Sprint 400, Sprint 300, Jog 100, Sprint 200, Jog 200, Sprint 100, Jog 300), 12xSprint 100, Jog 100, cool down 400. Total 4 miles

Tuesday:  1 hour of tennis

Wednesday:  Squats (4x45lbs, 8x65lbs, 6x85lbs, 4x95lbs), Hanging Leg Raises (22), Incline sit-ups (30), Leg Raises on bench (30), something else that I don’t remember what they are called (30)

Thursday:  4 miles with run club

Friday:  Incline Situps + Russian Twists (10xbody weight, 10x10lbs, 10x25lbs), Leg raises on bench (30), Penguins (10 each side w/ 35lbs – 3 sets), side twists (30x20lbs, 30x25lbs, 30x30lbs), Flutter Kicks on Bench (30)

Saturday:  Rest day

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