Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Recap Week 6

Sunday:  8 miles (9:25 pace) this run was everything that I needed, especially after last weeks 7 miler that was a mess of dehydration. I chose to get off the trails that I run with run club and go back to my “roots” of this town and hit up some of my old trails and it was great. Plus this route has a lot of bike lanes that I can run in to save my knees, there are some good hilly areas so it’s not just flat, and there are lots of things to look at…it’s just a really nice route that I’m really enjoying right now.

Monday:  Arms circuit (shoulder press, burpees, bicep curls, pushups, tricep extensions) and 2 miles speed work – I do track workouts for this and sprint the straight and jog the curve. I like this speed work but I hate doing it after work because heat, humidity, and general hotness.

Tuesday:  60 minutes of tennis

Wednesday:  REST DAY! First rest day since I got back from Michigan (so about 10 days or so).

Thursday:  ~6 miles run w/ run club. My watch took FOREVER to get satellite and we weren’t going to wait around for it. I was probably about 2 miles in before I got my location and then we stopped when we turned around b/c I needed to pop my back and I paused my watch and never restarted until we were almost back…so somewhere around 6 miles.

Friday:  Bench press, lunges, and decline abs and HOLY COW THE DOMS WERE REAL…I never to lunges but for some reason I have not been wanting to squat so I have been doing lunges and good grief…the DOMS.

Saturday:  about 30 minutes of tennis. Eric and I went out to do more but we both were just in pissy moods and so we decided to call it quits and not get more pissy. Sometimes you just have to stop doing something that is frustrating you. Sometimes you have to work through it. But this day, I needed to stop playing tennis because it was just getting frustrating and I was already in a bad mood so I did a little mental health TLC.

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