Physical Wellness: Marathon Training Week 5 Training Recap

Sunday:  7 miles (8:56 pace) – this was brutal. I was extremely dehydrated from well, not drinking enough water while on vacation.

Monday: Arms circuit (shoulder press, burpees, biceps curls, pushups, tricep extensions), speed work (1.5 miles)

Tuesday:  Tony Horton Yoga (oh this felt so good…my body was so sore and this workout helped out tremendously)

Wednesday:  Agility ladder work and mini hurdles, tennis

Thursday:  2 trail miles

Friday:  Park workout

Saturday:  tennis (40 minutes) – I snapped/pulled a tendon in my wrist. It happens every once in awhile and it’s really painful but the pain goes away after awhile.

This was an ok week. I need to start increasing my weekly mileage. I will also need to switch out my Monday night workout (speedwork) because soon my legs won’t be able to handle long run back to back with speedwork.

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