Financial Wellness: Ease or Smart?

I’ll admit, I have a secret love for a few YouTube channels and lately they have been showing all these “unboxing” videos. Whether it is makeup/skincare or food (for people and pets), it seems that these subscription boxes are the new “it” thang. I love it when people break down how much they paid for the box and how much the contents of their box were actually worth to see if it was actually a good buy. Now before I share an article, which I haven’t read yet (I wanted to put my thoughts first, read the article and then share any difference of opinions!)  I thought I would throw my 2 cents into the talk. Are subscription boxes really worth the money? I would say for me, no. I strive to only have things that I need and to not have a bunch of crap all over my apartment. But I can see where some people would find them nice. People who like to try different things would probably find use, also people who like to get mail that isn’t another credit card application or menu from the pizza place down the street. Ok, now to read the article. You can join me if you would like…here!

Ok, there are a ton of subscription services out there…why would someone ever need to leave their home? You can literally have everything delivered right to your door. That’s weird, right? Anyway, the jist of the article is that when considering a subscription service, ask yourself if you want or need this service. If it is a need and you can clearly justify it (like w/ the Target or Amazon subscriptions), then you are probably ok. If it is a want or borderline need, don’t think about the monthly cost, think about the yearly cost. Do you really need to spend $120/year on makeup? Do you even spend that much to begin w/? Is it something that is a financially smart idea to do? If it is, then go for it. Or if it is something that you think you might enjoy, you might see if you can get it as a birthday/holiday gift. The gift that keeps on giving! The other thing is to look at what the cancellation policy is. The article mentioned that some places, it’s go online and end, other places you have to talk to someone on the phone (shudders).

Bottom line or the tl;dr:  Is the subscription box something you need? When you look at the year cost, would you spend that much on similar products?

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