Physical Wellness: The Bucket List

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I was sick with something but I’m on the mend and feeling much better. It always surprises me that I don’t do more posts when I am at home sick but I suppose that is because I’m at home sick and sleeping and not playing on my computer.

Just a quick update post, I have officially registered for a full marathon! I will be running in the IMT Des Moines Marathon on October 19! This is something that has been on my bucket list for awhile. I saw on Facebook this week that Sunday, April 20, would be the last day for pre-registration (aka the cheapest fee). So I decided that I would make my decision by Sunday, yay or nay. I talked to a few people and then I talked to my mom and it pretty much sealed the deal for me. I have kind of taken this year as my let’s get things done year. Let’s do things that I am afraid of, let’s push myself, etc. I chopped all my hair off and now, now I am going to be running a marathon.

The things on my bucket list aren’t like the things on other people’s bucket list. There is no marriage or kids on there. There are things like chopping my hair, running a marathon, traveling to certain places…I just have different priorities. So while some may see my bucket list as an odd assortment of things…it’s my life. Not in a “it’s my life, I do what I want” sort of way but this bucket list marks what my life is.

So here I am, signed up and registered to run a marathon. Tips and advice are of course welcome as are recommendations for a new GPS watch!

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