Physical Wellness: The Early Morning

One of the biggest questions I get when I tell someone that I workout in the morning is, “How do you do that?” So I thought I might give you all a look at what I do to make AM workouts work for me.

One of the biggest misconceptions most people (including myself) have about AM workouts is that the hardest thing is to get up in the morning and get going. They tend to fixate on the morning thinking that everything is about getting up in the morning but really, it’s the night prep that makes morning workouts possible. So here are what my nights look like.

7:00 pm:  I’m finally home from work, doing a night workout/seeing E, and running any errands that I may need to do. I grab dinner and set up shop at my laptop to start writing the next day’s blog post.

7:30 pm:  I try to finish everything up by now and start doing my dishes. The latest I will let myself be on my laptop is 7:45.

8:00 pm:  Shower. I’m a night shower person. I shower in the morning sometimes but I just prefer to shower at night.

9:00 pm:  I’m done showering and I do a quick walk through my apartment to make sure everything is locked, things are put away, etc. I turn my TV on and hit the sleep timer. I have a 19″ TV in my living room so I really can’t see the TV in my bedroom, but I like to fall asleep to noise. I watch Community to fall asleep and I have seen every single episode so I never find myself actively watching it. It’s just background noise. The last thing I do before I go to bed is lay out my clothes that I am going to be wearing tomorrow, both my workout clothes and my work clothes.

9:15 pm:  This is the latest I will stay up during the week. This early bed time plus getting my clothes ready the night before makes early mornings a breeze for me.

5:05 am:  My alarm goes off. I give myself 10 minutes to grab my phone and go through my social media. But at 5:15 am, it’s time to get up and get out of bed. No exceptions. One of the first things I will do is check the weather as it has usually changed a bit from the night before to evaluate if I will be able to bike and if I am wearing the right clothes to bike without being uncomfortable.

5:15 am:  I start my morning routine which includes washing my hair and face. Then I put my dishes away while starting to make my breakfast while putting together my food for the day. I finish all of this by 5:35 am and that gives me a good 10 minutes to eat my breakfast and enjoy it. Then I brush my teeth, change into my workout clothes, pack my bag and I’m out the door by 6:00 am at the latest.

6:15 am:  I am in the gym working out.

7:00 am:  finish my workout and get ready for work

7:30 am:  arrive at work

Rinse and repeat.

This is my routine for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday is the same ish except I run Tuesday morning so I am not in the gym and I take a shower in the morning. Thursday is the only day I “sleep in” waking up at 5:30 am instead of 5:05 because I run w/ a run club group Thursday evenings. But every night is structured the same. I prep the night before the best I can so that the morning is simple and easy. E actually makes his breakfast and lunch the night before so all he has to do in the morning is grab and go. But we both can vouch for early mornings are made by night prep. We both do things that make our early mornings a breeze. And we have been doing early morning workouts since the beginning of the year so the habit has really formed.

Do you have any tips for making your mornings any easier?

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