Occupational Wellness: Transferable Skills, The New It Thing?

Actually, nope, it’s always been an it thing. But I wanted to start a conversation on this. On transferable skills. On the skills that you learn in the classroom, in the office, on your run. And how you apply those skills in your professional life. (Clearly creating full sentences isn’t a skill that I have.) Why are transferable skills important?

Well, they are important because there are basic skills that everyone needs to walk, talk, and function at work. Things like getting along with others, problem solving, decision making, time management. But then there are specific skill sets that each position that you have with each company that you work for that you will need. Things like the software that the company uses, the specific job skills, etc. It is important to hone in on those job specific skills, but it is also important to think broadly and work on your transferable skills.

These transferable skills are important for everyone but even more important for all you graduating seniors/grad students out there entering the real world for the first time. I read an article in the New York Times recently about how someone didn’t realize that work isn’t school and that you have to take initiative to get things done at work versus at school when you got assigned projects and deadlines. I can definitely relate to that – it’s weird when you just get thrown a project with no real due date and you are just thinking, “ok, so … I will just do this then …”. I think some employers forget when they hire students, that they are hiring people who have been in school since they were 4 or 5 and no one really talks about how to make the transition from your academic world to real life, professional world. That’s were these transferable skills come to play.

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