Physical Wellness: Food Prep

I have a routine that every single Sunday, I do meal prep. I really enjoy doing meal prep on Sundays. I get my entire week started on the right foot, it makes my mornings a breeze, and I feel like it makes eating healthy the easier choice. And I thought I would walk you through my process of how I do meal prep. It’s really easy and I’m in no way an expert chef.

On Friday, I think (and sometimes actually make a list) of what groceries I am going to need for the upcoming week. I will go through the sales ads and see what I will be getting.

I go grocery shopping on Saturday morning, mainly because that is one of the best days for me to get deals on meat.

On Sunday, I do all my meal prep. For this week, I’m going to be having pork tacos. My fruit for the week is watermelon (on sale this week!). I will break down what my meals are and what I prep beforehand.

Breakfast:  the only thing I have to prep is cutting up some turkey sausage and sometimes I have peppers. I make either scrambled eggs w/ turkey sausage, veggies (spinach), cheese, and salsa. So there isn’t much that I have to prep for that.

Morning Snack:  protein bar, zero prep for that, although I should really look into making some homemade protein bars. I have one recipe that I have used in the past, but if you know of any, let me know.

Lunch:  Pork tacos – I prep pretty much everything for this meal. Lunch is my big meal of the day. It’s my favorite meal. For this week, my tacos will have ground pork, spinach, salsa, cheese, and a bit of lime. I will also prep my watermelon and bring that in for lunch.

Snack:  Veggies and peanut butter – I have to cut up my veggies

Dinner:  My protein smoothie.

As you can see, there is really minimal food prep, but the food prep that I do makes my early mornings (5am wake up call to ride my bike into the gym) simple.

Do you do meal prep? What are some of your tips (fyi – I went to the dollar tree and bought a bunch of dollar tupperware to help with my meal prep)?

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