Occupational Wellness: Use a Grain of Salt.

Often I will link an article that I found/was sent to me when I do these posts but as I was looking through my Blog Post Ideas bookmark and opening all these articles I bookmarked, I realized I wasn’t excited to write about anything. And I wanted to challenge myself why. All the posts I was looking at writing about were these dos and don’ts posts for occupational related stuffz. And I realized that everything was sort of rubbing me the wrong way because you need to take these all with a grain of salt.

There was one article about being a ball buster and as I was skimming through it to see if this was something that I would want to blog about, there was something that caught my attention. Something about being cold is better than being hot. And I realized that it depends on what the culture of your organization is. I work in a very…”soft” skill dominated environment meaning that the majority of people there have counseling degrees. Being cold and hard doesn’t work as well as being warm and friendly in this particular environment. But in other environments, it does.

So with all the posts that I do, take this with you as you read. It depends. It all depends. There is no absolute answer. These are just some articles or blog posts that can spark a thought that you can use in your own way. Whether it is about money, fitness, work, or spiritual, it all depends.

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