Physical Wellness: My Go-To Smoothie and An Update

First the recipe, then I will touch on a quick update and my lack of posts last week.

I have never really been one to enjoy a big dinner. I see tons of pictures on tumblr and instragram of people that have made these gorgeous meals, but me…maybe it is because I grew up eating soup for dinner most nights, but I just don’t like a big heavy dinner. I prefer to eat my big meal at breakfast and/or lunch. So lately I have been whipping up this smoothie to get some protein and veggies at night.

What you will need:

  • A blender
  • A banana
  • Handful of spinach
  • Protein powder – whatever you fancy
  • Peanut butter/PB2 powder – again whatever you prefer
  • Almond milk

The recipe is this

  • Cut up banana into your blender
  • Throw some spinach in there (make sure it is exactly some…otherwise…nothing happens…it’s spinach load it up)
  • Scoop of protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons of PB2 or peanut butter (I prefer using PB2 but if you use peanut butter, go w/ creamy)
  • Dump almond milk until the blender is full (I use a blend and go size blender)
  • Blend until blended.

Obviously this is easy, super easy. And I find that it actually fills me up fairly well while also getting some fruits, veggies, and proteins in me. The peanut butter/PB2 gives it a really nice sweetness. I use vanilla protein powder because I’m not a fan of chocolate powder, but I’m guess chocolate would be good in this too. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a dinner meal either. This is good for a quick out the door breakfast, snack, after workout om nom…also some people use ice in their smoothies, I don’t. Because I don’t like ice, but you could probably add that in.

One more side note on this:  after careful testing, I have found that putting the spinach in before the powders helps everything get mixed in faster and better (IMO) than putting the powders in before.

Ok and now a quick ish update on why I was MIA last week. Honestly, I just didn’t feel like posting. I had some other stuff going on plus I took some time off from work and enjoyed being outside (I work in a basement so being outside is actually a huge deal to me) and not doing blog posts. I’m also getting to a place where I’m not sure where I want to go with my blog. I started this blog as a way for me to get to do wellness everyday because it is what I love and what I want to do in my career. However, my career is taking some different turns and I’m not sure how wellness fits into this anymore. I still love it. I do, I really do. I wouldn’t still be bookmarking things to blog about and share and keeping my blog if I didn’t. I’m just a little unsure of where and how everything fits right now. My daily readers have probably noticed that I have moved from a M-F blogging schedule to a M-Th schedule. It happened really on accident. I started doing my blog post at night and scheduling them to post the next morning. It just so happens that Thursday nights are run club nights and writing up a blog post just was the last thing on my mind…I have thought about writing up all my posts on Sunday and just scheduling them out, and that is still an option for me…

Really what it comes down to is that I want you, my readers, to know that I still love wellness and I’m actually pretty happy with my blog. Do I wish I had more people reading my content? Yeah. Absolutely. But I have to keep in mind and keep the perspective that wellness isn’t something that you can easily quantify. It’s something that if you can help one person, if you can education one person, if you can touch the life of just one person…then that’s pretty awesome.

So that’s it! Please feel free to leave me comments on topics that you would like me to talk about. I’ve got a couple of interesting posts that will go up Wednesday and Thursday about identifying what your triggers are with spending and a really thought provoking article to share on mental wellness. So stay tuned. And thank you, thank you for giving me an outlet to express my passion.

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