Financial Wellness: Ca$h Money!

Ok, even though I am not doing an official check-in of my goals, I do really want to check-in with my financial goal. I mentioned that I was going to try to do the living on a cash diet thing. And I just you know, sort of wanted to give an update.

I am really enjoying it. I have a jar too that I keep any of my leftover money from the week in. I really try hard not to dip into those leftover funds just to see how much I can save from my leftover cash. There have been 2 times that I have dipped back into that fund and both things came up when I bought stuff beyond my normal weekly purchases. I rarely have to use my debit card when I’m out (which honestly does make me not freak out as much with identity theft). One of my big worries with just using cash was that I would just blow the money. Just spend like crazy. But I am actually feeling more conscientious of my spending when I use cash than when I just swipe with my debit card. An added bonus? Getting quarters for the week for laundry is somewhat of a game to me now.

I’m really only 2 months into using cash but so far I am liking it and my bank account is enjoying it as well.

Would you ever ditch the plastic for cash?

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