Occupational Wellness: #Hired

This recent post by LearnVest is pretty much on target right now. Social media is huge right now. I’ll give you that I think social media is a fad and will fizzle out, but right now, companies are all over the Facebook and the Twitter and the Instagram and the Vine and the … the … TOO MUCH SOCIAL MEDIA! Bring it back Vanessa, bring it back. Ok, so yes social media is taking over the world, even the corporate world. Many companies are taking it to the social media streets announcing job openings, finding candidates (er stalking candidate?), branding their company…the list goes on and on.

We discussed this a few years back when I was in grad school and we use social media a ton at my current employer. In grad school, we discussed the legality of using social media and privacy issues. At work, we use it to brand ourselves and reach out to a specific demographic. I’m generally torn on the subject and can talk myself into circles on if companies should use social media or not.

What are your thoughts? Have you used social media to get a job? Do you use any of the tips that LearnVest suggests?

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