Emotional Wellness: Replacing the Hate with Gratitude.

Back when I was in counseling dealing with my eating issues, my counselor recommended that I stop shamming my body or stop framing my body in a hateful and start seeing how absolutely remarkable my body is. Not in it’s looks or in weight, but in what my body can accomplish. This post from Three Curvy Girls actually puts it in a “in your face, look at how amazing my body is”. And what I love about their post is they aren’t shamming anyone else while bringing themselves up. There are so many slogans and campaigns that “curvy is beautiful” or “thin is in” that tend to shame someone in the process. But they talk specifically about the struggles that their body has endured and the triumphs their body has accomplished. Nothing shames anyone else. Additionally, they include emotional, appearance, as well as physical stuff. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. Because struggle or not, we all have some pretty remarkable bodies.

What are some of the things you are grateful your body can accomplish?

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