Mental Wellness: Fear.

I’m a massive Olympics fan. Ok, I’m not checking the scores every 5 minutes at work or anything, but I do love the Olympics and as I was watching it last night (read:  I stand in front of my 19″ TV when the Olympics are on and then during commercials I’m doing my dishes and getting my stuff together for the next day), one of the figure skaters said something really interesting. She was talking about when you let go of fear, you can then enjoy the love of whatever it is you were scared of. Now this isn’t her original idea/thought, she and her coach are reading a book (I don’t remember which one; comment below if you know), but it is an interesting concept.

Not many know this but I am secretly dubbing this year of my life, year 26, as a year of being fearless and chasing after what I want and trying things out that I would normally shy away from. One of the biggest things that is right on the horizon is chopping my hair off. For the past 13 years, I have always had hair that is long enough that I can put it in a pony tail. But I will be chopping my hair off next Friday short. Not because I think I have the face shape to pull it off or because I think it will look great, but because I often rely on my hair as a source of making me feel good or pretty. I tend to hide behind my hair and so in the spirit of being fearless (even though this doesn’t seem like that scary of thing), I’m chop, chopping my hair. Of course, I will be donating (3rd time donating, always to pantene). It seems so trivial (trust me, I’m cringing at how lame it sounds that I am scared to cut my hair), but it is something that I consistently rely on.

What is one thing that you have been holding back on doing?

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