Physical Wellness: The Value of Moderation.

I’m not saying that all “reality” weightloss tv shows are encouraging bad behaviors…but with the finale of the Biggest Loser sparking controversy, I have to get back on my bandwagon of not being as supportive of these types of shows. Mainly because they aren’t realistic of helping people live a healthy lifestyle. One of the biggest complaints with diets are that they are a short term answer. You can follow a diet for x amount of days but it’s not necessarily a lifestyle. One reason why I prefer Extreme Weightloss to Biggest Loser is because they customize plans for each contestant instead of just barging on about working out and eating less.

But beyond that, moderation in life is just a better option than trying to work out 5-8 hours a day and eating 1000 calories (claims from contestants from Biggest Loser).

The other thing that I have to dog on is people basing someone’s health on a.) how they look, b.) their BMI and c.) their weight. We all know that these three things can indicate health but aren’t determining factors in your health. Saying that because this individual weighs x amount of pounds and has y BMI or has a certain body type isn’t fair to anyone. No one can judge your health based on how you look.

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