Mental Wellness: What If?

Tonight my mind got a wandering as I impatiently wait for an alert saying that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow and I get another snow day (I’m spoiled, I know). I had one of those “what if” moments and wondered what my life could have been like had I never left my hometown. About 2 weeks before I left for college, the owner of the restaurant I had worked out since I was 14 offered me the restaurant to run. At 18. I obviously turned it down and went on to college which lead me to grad school…

But what if I had stuck behind? What if I had decided to take the offer and just go to community college and maybe get my Bachelor’s online or via distance learning? What if I just stayed behind? Who would I be friends with? Where would I have lived? What would my daily schedule be like? Would I buy all my groceries from the one grocery store in my hometown? Who would I have dated?

Now I know that it does no good to go down the what if path. And I don’t for one second regret not staying in my hometown. I honestly have no idea what my life would have been like had I stayed there. I went to college 3 hours away and then I moved to Kentucky for grad school and now I live in Kansas while plotting out a move in a couple years. I cannot imagine staying in a 3 stop light town. But sometimes it is a little funny/interesting to think about what could have been. What could have transpired had you made one different decision.

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