Occupational Wellness: The New Trend?

A couple weeks ago the world was stunned when a 24 year old copywriter passed away after working a 30 hour shift, a lot of us were introduced to a word to describe something that a lot of us are guilty of:  binge working. Before this, I had only thought of the word binge being tied to drinking or eating. Binge working seems to be a result of people being connected to their job 24/7 (hello work email on my phone), desire for money, and the oh so amazing invention of caffeine. Normal office hours seem to have been a thing of the past. But these binge working circumstances have negative consequences. Negative health consequences. Not just death. These long binge working hours can actually lead to a decrease in the quality of your work.

So, like most things in our life, why do we subject ourselves to unhealthy behavior?


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