Physical Wellness: The Whole Package.

I have a deep love affair with Eat This, Not That, mainly because I love how much you learn from such an easy book. I bought my first book on a whim and delved into and learned the careful art of reading a nutrition label. And by careful I mean, less ingredients the better and looking at more than just calories. For me, I tend to look at two main things. Protein and Sugar. Protein high good, sugar high bad. And what I have found along the way is usually shocking. What I thought was a good healthy food ends up being chalked full of sugars which make you crash and are just no good!

That’s why during my lunch hour the other day when I was skimming briefly through Buzz Feed, I bookmarked this article. 16 foods that seem healthy but actually have more sugar than a snickers bar. Now the one thing I’m not so much a fan of is that they don’t give you the full information, but they do give you some good information in the article. I’m not a nutritionist and I have never claimed to be, but I think this is fairly decent information. One of my major hangups when people/articles say “don’t eat this” is that they don’t tell you why it is bad. Just saying, “oh it has a hole bunch of sugar” isn’t enough, at least for me it isn’t. This article points out where the sugars are coming from and what things to be cautious about.

All in all, pretty decent, easy to understand information.

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