Financial Wellness: Cash Money.

First of all, that phrase “cash money” has always confused me. But anyway, today’s post is in regards to an article I read from LearnVest (or LearningVest…I can’t remember) yesterday. It was 3 people’s stories of how they went from a plastic lifestyle on to an all cash diet. You can read the article HERE (heads up, it’s a little longer than what I usually link to so if you can, read it all, but if you are strapped on time, read the first page and skim the other 3). After tracking my expenses and purchases for the past couple of weeks (plus mulling this around for the past year or so after reading a post that a girl I went to high school wrote about on her now dead blog), I’m going to give this a shot. I’m lucky (or cursed) that I have my bank’s ATM right outside my building, so I can easily get cash when I need it. But it is going to be sticking to the cash. Because here is my problem with having cash, I tend to spend cash if I have it. But I also tend to not realize how much money I am spending when it all just comes off from my debit card. So, in a more concentrated attempt to save money and get my credit cards paid off, I’m going to give the cash diet a try. I’m also really tempted to go ahead and set up a workout jar. My friend Jess did this last year and I think it is a good way to slowly put away money. I’ll have to back date my jar and put in money for workouts that I have already done this year, but I really do like the idea of rewarding myself for working out.

Have you ever dipped your toe into the cash pool? Is it something that interest you?

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