Intellectual Wellness: Which Is Better?

I tend to get scoffed at quite a bit for having a more “pessimistic” (what I like to call realistic) view on life instead of an optimistic view. And I’m just curious, is one better than the other? This isn’t much of a post today as much as it is just wanting feedback and polling my audience. I will start the conversation by saying that I think both have their pros and cons and it takes both kinds of people to make our world run. I don’t see being pessimistic as a horrible thing and I don’t see being optimistic as the greatest thing ever. I don’t believe that people who are optimistic are “better” than people like me who have a more pessimistic view on the world.

But I’m really curious (aren’t I always?) as to what my readers think. Does it change your view on me and my blog knowing that I’m pessimist more than an optimist? (Also, I see these two things on a continuum, not as categorical variables.) What are your thoughts on these two ways of looking at the world? Are there other variables (like realistic) that we could include in this?  I really wanna know and have a conversation about this because I think it is just downright fascinating to discuss how other people see the world. Here is a situation now how to other people of varying backgrounds, education, religion, views see this situation? Call me crazy (but don’t call me maybe) but that’s an interesting conversation to me!

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