Mental Wellness: The Fall.

Last night, I was trying to finish up a Harry Potter puzzle my friend Jess sent me (it’s SO HARD!) while watching the Golden Globes (which aired on NBC…and NBC will be broadcasting the 2014 Winter Olympics).  There was a commercial that really resonated with me and it was in regards to the upcoming Winter Olympic games. This commercial is part of P&G “Thank You Mom” campaign and enforces that while you may fall, those falls often end up making you stronger. I think everyone can relate to this because everyone at some point in their life have fallen down and felt defeated. And often times, there is someone in your life that is there to help you back up and you learn from your fall and move forward. Sometimes the falls are more detrimental to our lives, but if you don’t learn something from your fall…

The fall sometimes feels like the worst thing in the world. The feeling of failure sometimes is just unbearable. But when you look back on the fall and you realize what you learned and how you grew, the fall is secretly thanked. Because the fall shaped who you are.

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