Physical Wellness: How Does Your Body Dictate Your View on Exercise?

Survey says, according to this New York Times article…yes! And this is seriously a fascinating research study and a fairly quick read. If you have 5 extra minutes, take the time and read through this short article.

At the core of the NYT article is this, people who aren’t active tend to feel like if they exercise, they are going to embarrass themselves and so they tend to not engage in these activities. BUT that doesn’t mean that’s the end all be all. Because in this day and age, there are a million and one ways to workout, some including staying within the comfort of your own home away from the judgmental eyes and thoughts of others. There are DVD workouts, youtube workouts, workouts you can do WHILE watching your favorite show. You can turn all those ridiculous, obnoxious, horrible drinking games you played in college into workouts but instead of you drink, you do a burpee. Or 10. You can reward yourself for working out. I have a friend who put a dollar in a jar each time she went to crossfit last year. When the year was over, she counted up her dolla dolla bills and had $115! That’s enough to buy a new pair of good workout/running shoes, or new workout clothes. And now she has a number to beat for this year. If you need more instant gratification you could check your dollar bill collection at the end of the month and buy new workout gear then.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to be an Olympic caliber athlete to workout. You don’t even have to do traditional workouts. If you hate running more than anything in this world, then don’t do it. Because it is going to make you hate your workouts and dread them and give you a reason to not do them. If you love having a dance party in your room, blast some upbeat tunes and do it ala Ally McBeal. But get active. Get moving. Get doing something. And when you start feeling comfortable with that, do something different. This study states that most people (in the study) didn’t exercise or engage in physical activity because they thought it would end in embarrassment. Everyone gets embarrassed. Everyone messes up. Olympic athletes mess up. Everyone trips everyone accidentally forgets how to breathe when they are swimming. Because we are all human. And if we would spend a little less time judging or making fun of people who are being active and little more time cheering them on and applauding their efforts, we wouldn’t feel so scared to be embarrassed. Eric and I actually have a competition when we are driving around to see who can say good job to people being active. We might be in a car but without fail, every time we see someone running or walking or just being active we say, “Good job runner!” Even people you don’t know, support them in wanting to be fit and active. And when they do inevitable embarrass themselves, don’t you dare mock them or make fun of them. You keep supporting them. Because damnit, they deserve it because THEY are making the effort and doing the work.

Well that turned into a rant rather quickly…

Share in the comments your favorite non traditional workout! I’m not going to lie, I love busting out my inner Ally McBeal and having a crazy dance party!

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