Occupational Wellness: The New Structure of Business?

LinkedIn graciously recommended a very interesting article for me yesterday regarding Zappos and their new organizational structure. For those of you that don’t know (or have never been interest in organizational culture), Zappos has consistently been one of the leading organizations utilizing unique structure. This year, they will add to that list when they say goodbye to bosses. Say whaaaat? 

Zappos is going to be introducing a more “holacracy” structure (developed by Brain Robertson) where there will be “overlapping circles” which will self-govern themselves. According to Zappos this structure will “give employees more of a voice in the way the company is run.” This structure also gives way to ensuring the company is more interested in how it’s employees work together. 

So…wait. What is holacracy? Well according to this article, holacracy values the work versus the people. (Read: that does not mean companies that have adopted this structure don’t value their employees, but they look at the company in terms of the work that they do.) Job titles will be eliminated. And managers, no more (but there will be what they call “lead links”). This type of structure uses multiple people from different circles in a governing way to determine what functions the teams should be responsible for. This type of structure is ideal for situations where you want leaders to emerge instead of assigning a leadership role to someone.

What do you think of this new fangled approach to organizational structure? Yay or nay?

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