Financial Wellness: A Glimpse at my Attempt to Budget

One of my major goals for this year (and life in general) is to get better with managing my money and one of the best ways to do that is to set a budget (and stick to it). When I was growing up my mom always used a software to track her money. I decided to use a version of that but instead of using the software, just using an excel workbook and utilizing separate sheets within the workbook. 
So I have set up my 2014 Workbook 
And then within these sheets, I have a section to track my income including what day I get paid
And then I track my expenses including what date they were paid/scheduled for payment 
And then I will track how much I spend on groceries and any other purchases that I make. 
So this is a look into my budget. My overall main goal for 2014, specifically with finances, is to pay off my credit cards. As you can see, I have 3 that I opened up during college thinking that I would get them paid off when I got a real job. This past year, I was making equal payments on each of them and that reallllly didn’t do anything. And after talking to some people who know finances better than me, I will concentrate on paying one card completely off and just making minimum payments on the others. And pay them off one by one and get rid of this stupid debt. I’d like to end 2014 with only have my student loans as my debt. 

One thought on “Financial Wellness: A Glimpse at my Attempt to Budget

  1. You should listen to Dave Ramsey’s daily podcast, he has a book too. I think it would be helpful to check it out from the library. I listen to Dave every day on bus ride home from work. It’s a little motivation each day that I am so close to financial peace 🙂

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