Mental Wellness: What’s So Wrong with Being Average?

As I was enjoying my week off for holidays and seeing friends and family, I had a reoccurring thought that was spurred originally from watching Good Morning America. They were getting ready to feature a story of a little baby boy born at only 14 ounces and how he finally got to go home just in time for Christmas. Now that seems like a nice warm and fuzzy story, right? But I immediately thought of my friend and her little baby boy who tragically passed away about 12 weeks after he too was born at just 14 ounces. And it just made me angry that we would broadcast this story. Because babies born that small and that early have such a small percentage of survival, so airing that story seems like it would bring unrealistic hope to parents in that similar situation. But honestly, I do not know. But I do know that we tend to celebrate the stories of being above average. Being in the top 1%. Being unique.

But what about the rest of us that are average? What about the people that day in and day out live a normal, average life with no extraordinary claim to their name? Are they any less successful or valuable to our society than a 20 year old mega millionaire? Is there anything really wrong with being that average person? Is there anything wrong with being the person that lives a quiet, calm life? With no excitement or near death experiences? The person that chooses to stay in and read instead of sky dive or summit Mt. Everest? Should we be chasing normalcy or the accolades?

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