Physical Wellness: Christmas Lights Run



I finally got to go on a Christmas Lights Run last night! I got home from work after an extremely long day living in data (my big survey of the year closed Sunday so I finished coding results and then started analyzing the data and writing up my reports) and was surprised to be greeted with 50 degree weather! So I decided to forgo my gym workout I had planned and hustled home to run. (Note:  missing from this picture is one very obnoxious blinking light, that I love).

I didn’t take any pictures of the houses I ran by because I don’t run with anything but my key, but I really, thoroughly enjoyed getting to run around and look at Christmas lights. I will do this again on Thursday as I will be heading out to run club! My shoulder has been acting up a lot lately making running almost impossible because of the pain but I push through it for running during this time of year. Well, that and I have no problem/shame in stopping to walk and starting to run again. I do what I do.

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